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Wine Blending Class with Charles Gendrot, Three-Part Series

Logan Circle Location, 7:30 - 9PM  --  $150 per person

Tuesday April 5th; Tuesday May 17th; Tuesday June 21st

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This class was a great opportunity to learn from a master vintner while enjoying some great wines. I found the class to be an exciting exploration of the subtle tastes and flavors of the various varietals provided.  I already had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the standard single varietal wines, as well what to expect from my favorite blends.  After all, that’s why they’re my favorites!  What I didn’t realize was exactly what the unique characteristics of the different wines contributed to a blend and how radically you can alter the character of a blend by simply changing the percentage of the components.  The first time I created a chocolate flavor by mixing reds was eye opening.  Charles is a great teacher and his insights into his wine making experiences was a real plus.  Charles’ delightful presentation proved that, for wine blends at least, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

— Wine Blending Class Attendee, Jan 2016

The Cork and Fork Wine Blending Class was an enlightening education that broke expectations of what I thought I knew about wine.  Our instructor Charles was engaging and knowledgeable, with material and explanations that everyone from novice to expert could understand.  It was amazing to learn how even very small percentages of a varietal could completely change the character and profile of very big, complex wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.  Expressions of single varietals as well as bottled blends and how they reacted to each other often resulted in surprises that humbled assumption.  Learning how core wines were selected, and how different vintages played into the equation of blending to achieve a particular result was both interesting to learn and fun to try.  The class creates a new appreciation for the art making and blending wine, and how wines can be combined to create an incredible variety of character.  I would encourage anyone with an interest in wine to attend.  It's worth it.
— Wine Blending Class Attendee, Jan 2016

My participation in the wine blending classes deepened my appreciation for the crafting of great wines. The idea is pretty straightforward, that you mix together preferred portions of select single-varietal wines to get a blend that captures the best fusion of those varietals. With the instructor's guidance, I repeatedly exercised that process to explore my preferred taste profiles. I came to understand that there are many paths one can pursue to create a great blend and, to that end, to never underestimate the power of "less is more". It was a fun and informative class series that helped me better understand the characteristics of each varietal as well as how those characteristics can work together to elevate the final blend.

— Brenda L., Wine Blending Class Attendee, Jan 2016

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