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MARCH 24th, 2017 -- Spanish Wine Tasting: Friday
For more information and to reserve your ticket, click here: 03/24 (Logan Circle Location 5-8PM)
*standing, casual format

MARCH 25th, 2017 -- Spanish Wine Tasting: Saturday
For more information and to reserve your ticket, click here: 03/25 (Logan Circle Location 3-6PM)

*standing, casual format

MARCH 26th, 2017: Sunday
Seven Steps to Understanding Wine with David Hudock
Purchase ticket here: 03/26 (Logan Circle Location 5:30-7PM)
This monthly class, held on Sunday afternoons, is an opportunity for an entry-level, hands-on wine tasting experience. We will identify the characteristics of wines tasted and review why those characteristics exist, maintaining a focus on tasting and identifying wine. The class format will follow: Blind Tasting, Review, Comparative Tasting, and Review. During the blind tasting, each student will have four wines before them, two white and two reds. We will provide brief instruction before the blind tasting, then we review the tasting sheets and identify four of the “seven steps” to tasting wine. Each of the four steps, sense, sight, smell, taste and feel, will be tied to a building block that will lead the taster to identifying the wine. We will then transition into the last three steps of the seven: region, terroir/vines and wine making and review how each of the first four steps are tied directly to one of these steps. Using the skills and knowledge they have just learned the students will then test them on two completely different wines. Students will be presented with two red wines. We will then give a quick re-cap of the seven steps; how the first four are tied to the last three and together they help make a wine what it is. For more on the details of this event, click here! *seated, educational format

MARCH 27th, 2017: Monday

Champagne Besserat Tasting with Matthieu Luneau, Besserat Brand Representative

Purchase tickets here: 03/27 (Logan Circle Location 6-7PM)

On March 27th, we invite you to join us for a Champagne Portfolio Tasting of Besserat de Bellefone with Matthiew LUNEAU. Wine Menu: Besserat de Bellefon Blanc de Blancs NV; Besserat de Bellefon Brut 2006; Besserat de Bellefon Brut NV; Besserat de Bellefon Brut Rose NV; Besserat de Bellefion Extra Brut. Edmond Besserat founded Besserat Champagne in 1843. After Edmond, his grandsons continued to build the reputation of the house. In 1927, Edmond Besserat, a grandson of the founder, married Yvonne de Meric de Bellefon, who came from another prestigious Champagne family, and the house of Besserat de Bellefon Champagne was born. The historic Bellefon Château is world-renowned, in Épernay, in the heart of the Champagne region. Besserat de Bellefon has continued to be a leading European Champagne brand for over 150 years. Today, Besserat de Bellefon is part of the Lanson-BCC Group’s portfolio of prestigious Champagnes and produces about 40,000 cases of the Cuvée des Moines range. *standing, casual format

MARCH 29th, 2017: Wednesday

Deductive Wine Tasting with Matthew Stollenmaier

Reserve tickets here: 03/29 (Logan Circle Location 7:30-9PM)

In our continuation of our Wine Education Program this class focuses on “deductive” tasting specifically…from generalities to more specific realizations and knowledge. We will combine useful and distinctive information and tools, a relaxed atmosphere and plenty of wine. Through taste identification & comparative tastings we’ll demonstrate body, tannin, sweetness/dryness, fruity and earthy differences to give you the tools to narrow down the plethora of choices you experience every time you taste wine and train your palate further with every sip.

​MARCH 30th, 2017: Thursday

New World Versus Old World

Sold out

MARCH 31st, 2017 -- Spanish Wine Tasting: Friday
For more information and to reserve your ticket, click here: 03/31 (Logan Circle Location 5-8PM)
*standing, casual format

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