Cork & Fork Wine Stores and Classes: 

Logan Circle, Washington, DC; Gainesville, VA; & Bethesda, MD

Meet our ownership:

Anna Landragin, Founder, President

Antoinette Landragin, Vice-President

Dominique Landragin, Founder, CFO

Dominique Landragin with daughter, Antoinette Landragin

Anna Landragin

By design, the focus of the stores is retailing fine wines from all over the world with a particular focus on small, high-quality, independent producers. In addition, each store offers a range of educational and entertainment opportunities.

The story of the Landragin team is teeming with wine stories. Owners, Dominique and Anna Landragin, are French natives and both born into, studied, and practiced winemaking. They wanted to share their passion with others --hence, Cork & Fork was born.

​Dominique’s family wine making history dates back to 1772 when his great-great-grandfather first made champagne. Following the family tradition his grandfather managed Champagne Veuve Clicquot vineyards and his father managed Champagne Heidsieck vineyards.

​Dominique studied viticulture and oenology at Beaune Agricultural College, Burgundy. He began his career as manager for Champagne Lanson vineyards, and later at Champagne Deutz in Epernay. His dream of winemaking in the New World took his young family to Australia where for 14 years Dominique produced excellent sparkling wines.

Our Story