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Spain is a hot, dry, mountainous country with more vineyard land than any other nation on earth. It ranks third in the world in wine production, after France and Italy. Spanish wine has awakened from a long period of dormancy and underachievement.  Join us as we taste through a different selection of Spanish wines each week focusing on the well-known regions and displaying a selection of hand-picked wines from small-growers. Did you know? Calatayud DO includes 14,000 acres of vines along 46 small towns, each around 2,500-3,500 feet elevation, with soils ranging from chalk to limestone, to clay and marl. The region's name traces back to the Moorish occupation of Span when the local governor, Ayud, had a fortress called a Qalat, where the town of Calatayud now stands. Did you know? The DO of Ribera del Duero was founded in 1983 by a group determined to promote the quality of their wines and enforce regulatory standards. the vast majority of production is dedicated to Tinto Fino, the local name for Tempranillo, the dominant red varietal in the northern half of the Spanish peninsula. Did you know? Priorat is only one of two wine regions of Spain that has been awarded the highest wine qualification, Denominación de Origen Qualificada, or DOQ, by the Government. The main grapes in this area are Grenache, Carignane, Grenache Blanc and a few other varietals. Did you know? In the north of Spain, in Castilla y Léon, is the often­-overlooked region of Bierzo. Bierzo's dark, expansive wines -- some of them not even oaked -- tend to age well, so you can buy a bottle as an investment when it's young. Did you know? The Toro wine region has been quite resilient in the face of blights such as phylloxera. Experts say the reason Toro has been able to avoid this pest is because of its dry, sandy soils. Join us for this event to learn more! 

MARCH 31st, 2017
Spanish Wine Tasting
Reserve ticket here: 03/31 (Logan Circle Location 5-8PM)

APRIL 1st, 2017
Spanish Wine Tasting
Reserve ticket here: 04/01 (Logan Circle Location 3-6PM) 

APRIL 1st, 2017
Spanish Wine Tasting
Reserve ticket here: 04/01 (Gainesville Location 2-5PM)


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