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Social Sundays
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Social Sundays

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Every Sunday is a great opportunity for a great event!! During these Sunday tastings, we provide light snacks, unlimited wines for sampling in a comfortable and safe environment -- all for a minimal fee of $5! There is a new theme every Sunday and a socially engaging, informative speaker to learn from! 4-8 wines served. These events are aimed to host a select gathering of like-minded wine and food lovers who are eager to share wine, stories, laughter, and friendship. Also a great venue and event to rendez-vous with your friends before a dinner date and pick up a bottle of something delicious to go with your meal! Please consider joining us as you unwind from your busy weekend and prepare for your even busier week ahead!

April Theme

Wines of Argentina

Three-quarters of Argentina’s increasingly acclaimed wine is produced in Mendoza, about 800 miles south of Salta. Argentina’s winemaking can be traced to the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors and Jesuits in Salta in 1534. Today, some 6 million gallons are bottled annually in Salta’s Calchaquí and Cafayate Valleys, making the province the country’s fourth-largest wine-producer, despite the challenges of growing grapes at high elevation (5,400 feet versus just 2,000 in Mendoza) and in such an arid and remote location. Join us as we taste through a different selection of Argentine wines each week focusing on the well-known regions and displaying a selection of hand-picked wines from small-growers. Did you know? Mendoza is the leading producer of wine in Argentina and the majority of vineyards are found in Maipu and Lujan. Historically, the region was dominated by production of wine from Cereza and Criolla Grande, but in recent years, Malbec became the region’s most popular planting. Did you know? After Mendoza, the San Juan region is the second largest producer of wine with 116,000 acres planted as of 2003. The climate of this region is considerably hotter and dried than Mendoza with rainfall averaging 6 inches per year. Did you know? The region of La Rioja was one of the first areas to be planted by Spanish missionaries and has the longest continued history of wine production in Argentina. Did you know? Most of Cafayate region in Salta is located at 5,446 feet above sea level. The climate of the area experiences a foehn effect which traps rain producing cloud cover in the mountains and leaves the area dry and sunny. Did you know? The wine regions of Patagonia experience considerably cooler climates than the other major regions to the north which provides a long, drawn-out growing season in the chalky soils of the area.

What to Expect:

This event is aimed to host a select gathering of like-minded wine and food lovers who are eager to share wine, stories, laughter, and friendship. We welcome you whether you are an entry level wine drinker or a well-traveled wine connoisseur. The 6 to 8 wines we will sample are carefully hand selected by our premier wine buying team. Please, consider joining us in the midst of a busy week to unwind and take a break from the routines of your normal day to sample some amazing wines while listening to an incredibly well informed speaker about regions and varietals you may not yet have visited or tasted.

Upcoming Months and Themes:

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